Fosters are the backbone of The Buster Foundation

The Buster Foundation-Foster Pact

The Buster Foundation has always operated as a foster based rescue. This means, our ability to take in and rescue dogs is solely dependent on having foster families. Foster families not only house and provide decompression for dogs that may have been on the streets for months but they also play an active part in helping us understand the individual needs of a dog.

Every dog, and therefore, every foster situation is different. Dogs come to us from all over and from many different situations. Some dogs have been on the street for months and are in need of calm homes with managed separation for other animals to recover. Some dogs may have come from a loving home that unfortunately cannot continue to care for that dog due to unpredictable life events. There may be the perfect foster dog for you out there.

The Buster Foundation is a specialty rescue that primarily works with pitbulls, mastiffs, and other bully breeds. We work especially hard to ensure our fosters fully understand the importance of presenting these beautiful and powerful dogs in the best light. Since we are a specialty rescue we are smaller than other rescues. This means we will be in consistent contact with you throughout your time fostering and will be able to assist with any questions very quickly.

When you apply to foster with us we can discuss your experience and your needs in order to find the perfect foster match. Apply to be a foster today!

When you apply and are accepted as a foster with The Buster Foundation we will ensure a standard of support is provided for you.

  • We will cover all veterinary care for the dog.
  • We will provide food for your foster dog.
  • We will share and post about your foster dog on our social media.
  • We will provide free training for your foster dog as needed.
  • We will provide boarding if you need to travel (if you travel frequently fostering may not be the right way to volunteer).

When you apply and are accepted as a foster with The Buster Foundation we will ask for a few things from you as well.

  • You will provide a safe, nurturing, and stable home environment for your Buster foster dog.
  • You will transport your Buster foster dog to the vet, as needed.
  • You will transport and stay with your Buster foster dog at events, as needed (we have 2-4 events per year with dogs).
  • You will send us photos and videos of your Buster foster dog so we can make social media posts featuring your foster dog.
  • You will stay in consistent communication with The Buster Foundation and let us know when problems (health, behavior, or any other) arise with your Buster foster.