A Message From Our Founder

While I love the bully breeds, they are not for everyone.  With ownership of these dogs comes a great deal of responsibility – ethically, morally and legally.  Understand that regular exercise, constant supervision, obedience and consistency are mandatory. For most, the pit bull is too high energy and more work than the typical family might be ready to commit to. I urge anyone who may be interested in adding a bully breed dog to their family to educate themselves on all and every aspect of the breed before making the decision to adopt.  I myself have been an advocate for the pit bull breed for well over ten years, owning three of my own as well as a three-legged American Bulldog, and fostering countless others over the years.  I have yet to find another breed that is as beautiful, devoted, and intelligent as the pit bull.

The atrocities that have befallen our beloved breed have only made our commitment to supporting any and all efforts in the areas of pit bull education and rescue even more urgent of a mission.   What we as a society of “civilized” human beings have done – and continue to tolerate – where our animals are concerned only confirms our belief that changes must come about now, not later.  Tolerance, apathy and avoidance of cruelty won’t make it go away – it’s here, right in our own backyards.  Those who do not step up and report abuse are as guilty of the crime as those who commit the abuse.  We all need to bring personal responsibility back into our society.

We have become so desensitized to animal abuse, neglect and torture that too many of us look the other way and wait for “somebody else” to step up and do something.   We watch and listen in disgust at what we see on TV and read in the papers, and cheer for the rare individual who stands up and takes action – even if that action is as simple as calling the authorities, again and again if needed.   Individuals that commit crimes against helpless and defenseless creatures will surely be held accountable in one way or another – just as those who do nothing will.   For some of these tragic creatures I believe that there are “fates worse than death”.  

All of us in rescue are all too aware that we “cannot save them all” – we choke on that reality each and every day of our lives. We try to do our best by the dogs we can save, praying for justice and a swift journey over the bridge for those we cannot. We all hope for, and work toward the day when the words “pit bull” or “pit bull mix” will not automatically mean death to these loving, devoted and magnificent animals.   Death comes all too soon for too many of them.

Apathy, fear and ignorance are the reasons that I have some of the very best dogs in the world in my care.  I continue to be ready for the next call with a warm crate and comforter, fresh food and water, ready to journey out once more to help where and when I can – with a prayer in my heart that I will not be too late.

Joanie Wazney –  Co-Founder, The Buster Foundation