Thank you to all the amazing people who have adopted Buster dogs and given them the best lives possible.

Here are the memories and pictures of these treasured dogs.

We received this lovely message from mother of Buster Alumni Holly. I wanted to thank you for allowing me the great privilege of adopting this sweet girl into our family. Over these past 14 years, she has been my constant companion, having helped me through some difficult times. We’ve been able to enjoy some joyful times as well – my marriage, the birth of my twin daughters, even relocation to a new home in Columbus, Ohio. Thank you for all that you do. I will never forget you for helping me find this sweet member of our family.

The Buster Foundation had sad news last week that our beloved alum Moby left for the bridge. This outstanding guy was loved by everyone especially his mom Stephanie Feldstein that truly adored her boy and provided Moby with life adventures everyday! Hikes, travels and great companions were a way of life for him! We thank you Stephanie for your commitment to giving Moby and all your canine family a fabulous life. Run fast and free amazing boy with glorious warm sunshine on your magnificent face. You left indelible footprints on the hearts those who knew and loved you